At Athletic Surge, we have many years experience helping teams and individual sport athletes to develop the physical qualities they require in order to dominate. Whether you’re involved in a contact sport where being strong and powerful is a must, or perhaps you’re a runner who needs to move more efficiently to chip away at that PB, Athletic Surge combines experience with an evidence based approach to help you succeed.


Scroll through social media and it won’t take long to see footage of how the top athletes in the world train. Regardless of your sport, it is easy to forget that those at the top have spent a lot of time in the gym and on the field and that they may be blessed genetically which helped them get to that level. Many try to copy these techniques and only through trial and error realise, they’re just not ready. So here at Athletic Surge, we take a methodical approach to get you closer to that goal.

Before we can determine where you need to go, we need to know where you or your team are. An assessment of training and injury history as well as daily-life commitments and lifestyle helps us to create a manageable programme that you will stick with and see results from. Next up we assess the needs for your sport, whether you require strength, speed, fitness or likely a combination of these qualities. Now we get stuck into the details, where do you need to improve?


Perhaps you know this answer or perhaps a coach, peer or physical assessment is needed to help discover this. You see there is no one size fits all when it comes to maximising your physical potential, so at Athletic Surge we work hard not only to develop the right programme for you, but also to help you through it and apply the appropriate training variables so you continue to progress and succeed.


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