So you’re interested to know how Athletic Surge achieves results? Training sessions are organised for individuals, semi-private groups of 2-5 people, or larger groups. We also offer an online training & programming service. The type of service you choose will depend on your goals, your capabilities and your lifestyle. There is no one size fits all approach.

Questions to ask yourself to determine the best options for you:

Are you competing in a sport?

If your answer is yes then you may select any of our training options. Our individual, semi-private and online training provide individualised programming based on an assessment of your abilities and the needs of the sport. Perhaps you are part of a team then our group training may be of interest.


Are you wishing to improve your health & fitness?

Any of our training options would be suitable, what will determine your choice is your goals, lifestyle and budget. Individual may be perfect to get you started, improve your confidence and motivation to go out on your own then choose our programming service to keep you focused on your goals.


Are you injured?

We don’t treat injuries but work with a great team of physiotherapists who will. Following their assessment and treatment, we will work with them to have you work around the injury or assist with your rehabilitation and return to work or play. We treat injuries as opportunities! These sessions are usually conducted as either individual or semi-private with programming to ensure you are progressing as necessary.


Are you flexible?

Not referring to muscle function but rather your work and life style commitments. If not then our individual sessions may work around your schedule or perhaps the programming and support from our online option may be just what you need.

So you have an idea of the type of training that would suit, but what would it entail? What would you be doing in these sessions?  Again this will depend on your goals. Our methods are evidence based so we don’t offer gimmicks or quick fixes but we have listed some of our methods below:

Resistance training


Olympic Weightlifting



Acceleration and Max Velocity



Anaerobic and aerobic conditioning

Programming for strength, power and hypertrophy


Athletic Surge realises that only a small section of the population are aiming for sporting success.


Have you identified a need for strength and conditioning or athletic development but you’re not sure where to start?

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